First official European Congress on Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment of EACLIPT

Ubiquity - New Perspectives on Experienced Traumata

The symposium is accompanied by the audio installation „Ubiquity“, which will be presented on the 30th Oct. - 3rd Nov. 2019 at the Blaue Fabrik in Dresden. The installation was developed by musicologist and sound artist Miriam Akkermann (member of Die Junge Akademie), Andre Bartetzki and psychologist Eva Alisic (member of the Global Young Academy). It is based on a study on trauma processing in children by psychologist Eva Alisic from the University of Melbourne and gives an impression of the everyday life of families after traumatic experiences.



Andreas Maercker

New developments in differentiating trauma- and stress-related disorders and therapies


Thomas Ehring

Early life adversity as a transdiagnostic risk factor and implications for treatment


Eva Alisic

Ear for Recovery: Parent-child conversations in the aftermath of injury 


Miriam Akkermann

About the installation: Ubiquity – New Perspectives on Traumatic Experiences


- Break (light lunch) -



Anke Karl

Beneficial effects of compassion-informed approaches for boosting trauma-focussed therapy in PTSD after interpersonal trauma


Maria Böttche

The impact of war and torture and  effective and feasible treatment approaches for refugees


Joint discussion



End of Symposium


The symposium is free of charge, but please register online if you plan on coming
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